Who is Pulpex? 

Pulpex is a new packaging technology company with a single-minded mission to deliver sustainability through renewable packaging. 

What is the Pulpex technology? 

Pulpex is a patented, first-of-its-kind pulp packaging solution that uses technical innovation to deliver much-needed and highly anticipated eco-packaging category change. 

How are the bottles manufactured? 

The bottles are formed by pressurising pulp in moulds using highly advanced technology. The pulp containers are then cured in microwave ovens before being sprayed internally with specialised coatings designed to be compatible with the products they are holding. 

What kind of pulp do you use? 

Pulpex bottles are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. We are looking at other pulp sources as well depending on the type of products using Pulpex packaging. At the moment for food and beverage products, recycled pulp cannot be used due to food safety regulations. 

How do I recycle a Pulpex bottle? 

Pulpex packaging is designed to be recycled how you would normally recycle paper/card. In the event any bottles are not recycled or correctly disposed, the bottle will naturally degrade. 

What is the closure (top) made of? 

Pulpex packaging is designed to work with existing closures. Brands have a choice of materials to make these closures from, depending on their needs. 

Do you use PFAS's in your packaging? 

No. We don't currently use Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl chemicals in our packaging. 

Can you hot-fill the bottles? 

At the moment, the bottles only support cold-filling bottling lines. We are working on a hot-fill version. 

Can you fill the bottle with carbonated liquids like soda, fizzy water or beer? 

Pulpex bottles are currently designed for still liquids only. We are working on a version suitable for carbonated beverages. 

Have you done a Lifecycle Analysis on Pulpex packaging? 

Lifecycle Analysis has to be be performed in the context of the full product being manufactured. Broadly we know we have a lower carbon footprint (90% less than glass and 30% less than PET) and made with natural materials from renewable sources and readily degrades in the natural environment. 

Can I invest in Pulpex?

Pulpex is fully backed by its current investors and not seeking investments from individuals. We have no current plans to sell shares or IPO in the forseeable future. 

Can you make a custom bottle for me? 

At the moment, Pulpex is working with its consortium partners to develop bottles in shapes suitable for their brands. When bottle manufacturers begin to produce bottles, they will be able to produce different custom bottle shapes for you based on our proprietary, patented technology. 

Can I make Pulpex bottles? 

In early 2021, Pulpex will begin conversations with parties interested in manufacturing Pulpex bottles using our proprietary, patented technology. If interested, please click Contact > Manufacturing Partners, fill out the form and we will be in touch in due course. 

Can I have a sample?

Samples are currently only available to our consortium partners. In time, samples will become more broadly available from companies that manufacture Pulpex bottles. 

Can I distribute Pulpex bottles? 

Pulpex will be licensing its proprietary, patented technology to bottle manufacturers in different countries. These bottle manufacturers will select from a number of options how bottles will be distributed. 

Where can I buy a Pulpex bottle? 

Pulpex bottles will launch in early 2021 in brands sold by our consortium partners. Consortium partners currently include Diageo, PepsiCo and Unilever. In time, Pulpex packaging will be more broadly available. 

Can I order some bottles? 

At the moment, Pulpex is working with its consortium partners to develop bottles in shapes suitable for their brands. When bottle manufacturers begin to produce bottles, they will be able to produce certain standard bottle shapes which will be available for sale at the minimum order quantities and prices they set. 

What colours are the bottles available in? 

Pulpex will be using a number of proprietary sustainable, food-safe pigments and dyes for its bottles. 

Is it possible to print on Pulpex bottles? 

Yes, assuming a brand design allows for it.

Does Pulpex use renewable energy to produce its bottles? 

Yes, where renewable energy is available. 

Is a lot of water wasted making a Pulpex bottle? 

We recapture most of the water used in the production process and re-use it to make more bottles. 

Why don't you use recycled paper to make the bottles? 

Not all consumer products permit the usage of recycled paper. Food safety regulations currently do not allow us to use recycled pulp bottles for beverages due to contaminants in recycled pulp. We will continue to work with our partners to explore this possibility in the future. For non-food/beverage brands, recycled pulp is an option. 

Why do we need a paper bottle? Glass is great, and recyclable too. 

At Pulpex, we believe consumers should decide what type of bottle they prefer to use. Glass bottles are created with a lot of energy (which can create CO2 emissions) and recycling glass also takes a lot of energy. Many glass bottles are not recycled, especially in geographies with poor recycling infrastructure. Glass bottles that aren't recycled can last hundreds of years in the natural environment and if broken can create a safety hazard to humans and animals. 

What are the technical specifications / can I have a data sheet? 

At the moment, technical specifications of the bottle are made available to consortium partners. When bottle manufacturers begin to roll-out the technology in your area, information packs on how to work with Pulpex for your packaging design will be more broadly available. 

Are you hiring? 

We are not currently hiring but always are on the lookout for great talent to join us on our journey to create the future of sustainable packaging. Please feel free to email your CV or resume to hr@pulpex.com

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